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    Our innovative product line includes the e-Belt (patent #6,137,675) , the Mid-Riff Brain , and a flexible line of mobile computing systems designed to enhance almost any organization's productivity, no matter what the application. Our unique advantages include:

  • Safety - No clumsy, vision-obstructing goggles or head-mounted displays.
  • Comfort - All equipment is engineered for ergonomic correctness. Our products are light, cool, and comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • Compatibility - Hands Free Mobile products are simple to integrate into existing IT systems.
  • Configurability - All of our products are modular by nature, allowing for quick and easy modification.
  • Scalability -
  • Expand inexpensively as technology or needs change.

What is it?

The patented Hands Free Mobile e-Belt™ is a lightweight, flexible, adjustable composite plastic belt designed to carry a variety of data-handling peripherals. The e-Belt™ includes a removable articulating arm, with a platform perfect for carrying a PDA or other display device. No more hand-holding your hand-held!

    e-Belt™ Advantages
  • Breathable—allows air flow under and through the belt, preventing uncomfortable heat build-up, unlike conventional nylon belts.
  • Supportive—gently massages the muscles in the lumbar region as the wearer moves.
  • Comfortable—even weight distribution from front to back assures that the belt floats on the waist, even with added peripherals and tools.
  • Lightweight Strength—built from advanced composite high-impact plastic, engineered for lightweight strength even under rugged conditions.
  • Adjustable—adjusts in increments smaller than other belt systems, with self-tensioning to provide comfortable support.
  • Flexible—flexes with the body; lean, stretch, and reach in comfort.
  Grow your own wearable platform!
HFM is now offering two versions of the e-Belt™, one for commercial use, and the other for industrial applications:
    Commercial e-Belt™   Industrial e-Belt™
  • Perfect for PDAs, E-Books, etc.
  • Arm supports up to 1 pound device
  • Belt supports up to 5 pounds of attachments
  • Cables: power, communications, USB, custom (call us for details)
  • Other options available. Call or email us!
  • Perfect for tablets, thin clients, touch screens
  • Arm supports up to 2.5 pound device
  • Belt supports up to 15 pounds of attachments
  • Cables: power, communications, USB, custom (call us for details)
  • Other options available. Call or email us!

Why wear a computer?

  • Mobility—Imagine being able to carry all the capabilities of your desktop as you work, wherever you go, whatever you do.
  • Connectivity—All the information resources of the organization are at your fingertips, instantly. You're always in touch.
  • Efficiency—No more going back to the office to access or input needed data. No more duplication of effort.
  • Productivity—Add it all up, and you're looking at increased organizational productivity and a bigger bottom line!

HFM offers solutions for almost every application:

 Point of Sale  Construction/Architecture
  • Waitstaff—PDF brochure
  • Mobile credit card sales
  • Convention Sales
  • Designers
  • Estimating
  • Supervision and site management
  • Land surveying
  • Construction management—PDF brochur
  Government/Military   Health Care
  • Site security
  • Safety inspections
  • Site maintenance
  • Emergency services
  • Aircraft repairs and maintenance
  • Mobile access to patient data
  • Update of information during triage
  • Efficient transfer and discharge of patients- PDF brochure
  Sports/Entertainment/Hobbyists   Financial/Service/Insurance
  • Pit engineering
  • Score keeping/spotting/refereeing
  • Online mobile gaming
  • Sideline communications
  • Radio control of aircraft—PDF brochure
  • Mobile stock/bond/commodity trading
  • Accessing data while commuting or travelling
  • Agents on site
  • Mobile teleconferencing
  • Claims adjusting/inspections
  • Plant maintenance/management
  • Assembly line production
  • Complex assembly operations
  • On-Site command and control
  • Meter reading- PDF brochure

Company Profile

Productivity through Innovation
Hands Free Mobile was founded in 1997 by the principals of Perkins Engineering, Inc. Their purpose: to develop innovative, high-quality products that both consumers and corporations can rely on to increase efficiency and enhance productivity. The members of the HFM team bring a broad variety of perspectives to product development, with expertise in the fields of construction, medicine, law, automotive design, production and repair, and most importantly, computer hardware/software design and implementation. Our mission is to make qualitative and quantitative improvements in the way that people use mobile computers for work and for fun.

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